Pixelpart 1.4.1 Released - New Video Formats & Improved Rendering

This update adds new export options, expands the capabilities of the trail renderer and improves loop rendering.

New Formats for Video Export

This update adds two new formats for video export:

  • avi
  • webm

Videos in webm format even support alpha transparency, suitable for effects with transparent background.

Better Trail Renderer

The trail renderer for particles has been updated: Instead of only one trail per emitter, each parent particles generates its own trail while its moving. This lets you create even more diverse effects (for example, see the newly added effect "Electric").

Improved Loop Rendering

In previous version rendering effects as continuous loops did not work well in some cases, especially for effects with many emitter. This feature has been greatly improved, allowing most effects to be rendered in a perfect loop.

Other Changes

  • Support for palette files created with Paint.NET.
  • Improved keyframe editor.
  • A key symbol now marks properties of emitters and other objects that are animated with keyframes.
  • Input fields for rotation values now have a small widget showing the selected angle.
  • Force fields are now shown moving on their motion path if a path is specified.
  • Theme "Light" for the user interface has been improved.
  • New effect examples and emitter presets.
  • Existing effects have been updated.
  • Translations to Spanish and German have been updated.
  • Rendering bugs in the plugins have been fixed.

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