Pixelpart 1.5 - Shader Graphs

Version 1.5 of Pixelpart has been released with several new features: Shader graphs, custom spawn paths, unlimited sub-emitters and auto-cropping!

Shader Graphs

In previous versions, adjusting the appearance of particles was limited to changing their sprite texture and color. With this release, you can now use shader graphs to define the material of particles more precisely. You can make materials react dynamically to particle properties like speed, for example. Such a shader graph consists of nodes that work together to define the final pixel color and opacity.

Custom Spawn Paths

A new type of spawn shape for custom paths has been added. Using this type, you can define custom spawn paths for particles by choosing waypoints directly on the effect preview. Simply select the new Path shape in the General options and choose waypoints by right-clicking on the effect preview.

Unlimited Sub-Emitters

It is now easier than ever to spawn particles from other particles. You drag the emitter that should spawn particles in relation to another emitter onto that emitter in the list of objects. It will become a sub-emitter of the latter. This release adds the possibility to have an unlimited number of sub-emitters for each emitter, not just one.

Auto-Cropping for Final Render

This release introduces auto-cropping for the final render. After selecting the new option in the render dialog, the rendering process automatically fits the effect into the frame of the rendered video.

Other Changes

  • New option to adjust the grid spacing in the keyframe editor
  • The Windows version now has a custom window title bar

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