Pixelpart 1.4.2 Released - Web Support & Billboard Mode for Plugins

Version 1.4.2 of Pixelpart has been released, adding web support and a billboard mode to the plugins and improving the Pixelpart editor.

Plugins: Billboard Mode

Although effects created in Pixelpart are 2D and thus primarily used in 2D games, they can be quite useful for 3D as well. For this to work well, they need to be oriented towards to the camera to not break the illusion (billboard rendering). With this update this mode is now integrated into the plugins and can be activated for an effect by enabling the "Billboard" mode.

Plugins: Web Support

The plugins for Unity and Godot finally support HTML5/WebGL, which means you can now use effects created in Pixelpart in your web games!

Keyframe Editor: Snapping

The keyframe editor now offers a snapping option, which makes it possible to modify the timing of keyframes much more precisely. The feature can be enabled in the menu above the keyframe editor. Right now the resolution of the snapping grid is fixed, but future versions will allow you to adjust it.

Particle Trails: Sprite Sheet Animation

The trail renderer has been improved with animated particle trails! Like particle sprites, trails can now be textured with animated sprite sheets. 

Other Changes

  • The layout of the user interface has updated, for example actions for the selected scene object are now located below the object list. 
  • The collision solver has been improved to prevent particles from tunneling through colliders.
  • Bug fixes regarding particle motion paths.

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