Pixelpart 1.5.1 - Chinese & UI Improvements

Version 1.5.1 of Pixelpart has been released!

New Language: Chinese (中文)

Pixelpart is now available in Simplified Chinese! To change the language open the preferences via File > Preferences... in the main menu.

Size Controls

You can now adjust the size of emission areas, force fields and images directly on the effect preview by moving the small knobs at the edge.

Effect Templates

With the new release, there is an option to create a new project from an effect template. In the New Project dialog, select the effect you want to start from in the drop-down menu. There are 18 different templates for you to choose. Of course, you can still create effects from scratch.

Other Changes

  • New option to add vertices to an existing collider by selecting it in the list and then clicking on the effect while holding Ctrl
  • New keyboard shortcuts for playing/pausing and restarting the effect simulation and for toggling the background color, image effects, force fields and colliders
  • Improved scrolling in the keyframe editor
  • User interface improvement

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