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Recent updates

Pixelpart 1.5.1 - Chinese & UI Improvements
Version 1.5.1 of Pixelpart has been released! New Language: Chinese (中文) Pixelpart is now available in Simplified Chinese! To change the language open the p...
Pixelpart 1.5 Released - Shader Graphs
Version 1.5 of Pixelpart has been released with several new features: Shader graphs, custom spawn paths, unlimited sub-emitters and auto-cropping! Shader Graphs...
Pixelpart 1.4.2 Released - Web Support & Billboard Mode for Plugins
Version 1.4.2 of Pixelpart has been released, adding web support and a billboard mode to the plugins and improving the Pixelpart editor. Plugins: Billboard Mode...
Pixelpart 1.4.1 Released - New Video Formats & Improved Rendering
This update adds new export options, expands the capabilities of the trail renderer and improves loop rendering. New Formats for Video Export This update adds t...
Pixelpart 1.4 Released - Plugins for Game Engines
The new version of Pixelpart is finally here! I am happy to announce the release of version 1.4, which offers a ton of new features and possibilities. Plugins f...
Pixelpart 1.3.2 Released - Improved UI & New Emitter Presets
Version 1.3.2 of pixelpart is available! Changelog: Improved user interface, now with three color themes (Dark, Darcula and Light) New fullscreen mode Improved...
Pixelpart 1.3.1 Released - Burst Option & New Sprites
Version 1.3.1 of Pixelpart is now available! Changelog: New burst option to spawn all particles at once New particle sprites added, now over 180 sprites in tota...
Pixelpart 1.3 Released - Emitter Presets
Version 1.3 of Pixelpart is now available! Changelog: Emitter presets: There is now a set of common emitters you can use and modify in your effects (see below)...